We’re currently working on an unannounced title for leading VR hardware.


Serac takes the player on a fraught and hallucinatory journey through a frozen wasteland. The player climbs a seemingly haunted mountain in an obsessive quest for the summit, descending into madness as he reaches higher and higher altitudes. We employ VR-only mechanics, strictly using head gestures to control the character's interaction with the environment. The player initiates movement by staring at a target to designate a destination: once a stare timer expires, the player viewpoint glides toward the destination. The player undertakes a head-shake to expend strength to warm up; a downward look initiates a rest mode, wherein the player recovers strength.


NeonJack is a futuristic virtual-reality racing-combat game for Mac and PC, designed for the Oculus Rift.

Sticks ‘N Steel

Sticks and stones may break yer bones, but steel will do it faster. -- Elverus One Hand

A turn-based tactical combat role playing game for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).